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Full-grain Aniline Leather
Veneer finish on both sides
8-ply imported Birch Plywood
350LBS Max Load Aluminum Base
OFF: 11%

Taller Ultra Premium Version Imus lounge chair PCOG12

(121 customer reviews)

$2,300.00 $2,570.00 save 11%

  • Color: Palisander + Cognac NAPPA Full Grain Leather.
  • Premium Italian Full Grain Nappa Leather.
  • Taller Version Height: 35in.
  • 8-ply laminated veneer to prevent cracking.
  • Removable Cushions with Clip System,
    Both Side Veneer Finish.
  • This SKU is a custom product and is not available in the US warehouse.
  • Ships from China, Delivery is available 40-50 days after the order is placed.
  • Die-cast aluminum braces and base.
  • Use premium open-cell foam.
  • The chair features a 360-degree swivel.
  • The lounge chair features a fixed 15-degree tilt
  • Free Shipping in the USA.
  • NO Sales Tax.

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COLOR: Palisander + Cognac Full Grain NAPPA Leather  Eames Lounge Chair

We offer two sizes of chairs, the difference is in the height if your height is greater than or equal to 6 inches, we recommend you to choose the tall version if your height is less than or equal to 5 feet 8 inches we recommend you to choose the regular version. 5’9” to 5’11” optional ,depending on preference.

Standard Chair

  • Height (in): 31.5
  • Width (in): 33.5
  • Depth (in): 35
  • Weight (lbs): 95
  • Seat Height (in): 16
  • Seat Width (in): 21
  • Seat Depth (in): 21.25
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 350

Taller Chair

  • Height (in): 35
  • Width (in): 33.5
  • Depth (in): 37.75
  • Weight (lbs): 100
  • Seat Height (in): 16.5
  • Seat Width (in): 21
  • Seat Depth (in): 21.25
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 350


  • Height (in): 17.13
  • Width (in): 20.75
  • Depth (in): 21.5

  • Built to Last
    Regular Imus lounge chairs are made with 7 layers of plywood but we bring you our upgraded version. Made with 8 layers of plywood, this recliner has a stronger and much higher load-bearing capacity. It is extremely comfortable with a 35-50 high-density all-in-one original spray cotton and premium open-cell foam gracing the interior of the seat, backrest, and armrest. The lounge chair and Ottoman cannot be adjusted for height or recline, but its built-in swivel mechanism with a 15-degree perma-tilt base allows for maximum relaxation. Eames Lounge Chair
  • Made from the best
    LEATHER: The entire leather part of this lounge chair is made of Full-grain Nappa leather imported from Italy. Does not contain any faux leather.
    ALUMINUM BASE: The aluminum base bracket of the chair makes it even stronger and more durable. Ultra Premier Version: Built Exactly to the Original that includes Rubber Shock Mounts underneath armrests.
    SILICONE BACKING MATERIAL: Silicone is a flexible backing material that helps the cushions maintain their original shape, and prolongs durability.
    BOTH SIDE VENEER FINISH: Both sides of the wood frame are stained with a clear semi-gloss protective UV coating, which is easy to clean.
    BACKING STRUCTURE: The backing with ventilation holes, and a zipper can be opened, and you can clearly see the interior of the leather material.
    PIPING: Our chair cushion piping uses aniline leather, very few factories will use this process, piping in our daily use of wear and tear is relatively large, only the ultra-premium version of the piping uses aniline leather manufacturing, and the other versions are using ordinary synthetic leather.
    Eames cushions removable
  • Eco-friendly process
    Natural color that easily blends into any environment. The lounge chair is made from brand new wood whose surface is covered with Fraxinus mandshurica wood giving it its natural color and texture. Painted smoothly with eco-friendly paint, you will never find any color difference, scratches or paint drops. The edges are flat and the entire chair is satisfyingly smooth. Eames Lounge Chair
  • ABC Assembling
    This Imus lounge chair replica can be assembled with basic home tools and hardware. It usually takes about 40 minutes to assemble and is best assembled by 2 people. The detailed installation manual directs you step by step on exactly how to go about setting up your chair. For faster installation, a professional installation tool like an electric drill can be used. To make the assembling process even easier we created an assembly process YouTube video: WATCH HERE. If you encounter any problems when assembling you can always contact us by scanning the WhatsApp QR code and we will respond to you swiftly. Eames Lounge Chair
    View QR Code
  • Fits into any setting
    This Mid Century lounge chair fits into any setting from living rooms, bedrooms to leisure areas, clubs, offices, rooftops, and study. It can fit into literally anywhere you want to enjoy your relaxing time. Eames Lounge Chair
  • Lighting Speed Shipping
    Shipping replica IMus lounge chairs has always been a cause for concern because many ship from different parts of Asia. We have eliminated this problem by establishing our warehouse in the United States. Every lounge chair ships directly from our warehouse in the United States, so delivery is faster than usual, taking  4-9days at most. The packages delivered to you are two in total and they may not arrive at the same time. Each package ships from different warehouses and even if they arrive on different days it’s always within the stipulated delivery time. So, you have no cause for worry.


  • Warranty Details
    All the hardware parts of our chairs are covered by our warranty. From the wood panel of the chair(broken and fractured) to the aluminum base (Fractured) and the Legs of the chair (deformed or broken). Our warranty does not cover scratches on the leather and wood shell of the chair caused by frequent use. Our warranty is for five years!
  • There’s More
    Our Replica Imus lounge chairs with visible 8 layered plywood can hold 10% more weight than regular 7 layer lounge chairs. We erase the worry of broken boards and each chair can hold up to 350lbs.
    Each chair is packaged and delivered in 2 solid boxes from different warehouses. One box contains the upholstery part of the chair and Ottoman, and another box exclusively contains the aluminum hardware of the chair. It’s important to note that both boxes will arrive at different times with 1-3 days intervals.
  • Demonstrating the Chair manufacturing process
  • Watch Our Chair Stand Out in Height and Size


  • To ensure that You receive the chair in a perfect state, each package box is cushioned with 5 layers of protection. On the inside of a corrugated cardboard box, two layers of flexible packaging are used. The corners of the cardboard box are protected and strengthened with paper shells as well. This makes the carton itself is hard to deform! 
  • To let you know at a glance the leather of our chairs, we hang a small sample leather at the headrest of each lounge chair. On the side of the armrest of each chair, you’ll find a zipper which can be opened for further inspection. We use only the best top-grain leathers imported directly from Italy. 
  • Each Aluminum part is wrapped with soft packaging material to avoid bumping when it’s in transit. After the wrap, it is packaged in a separate box away from the chair’s soft parts to avoid any form of deformation from pressing. 
  • For returns, please refer to our Returns Policy for a detailed explanation of how it works. As long as your product retains its original packaging, the return can be done for free excluding shipping.


When purchasing an Imus lounge chair replica it’s important to pay attention to the size. We pride ourselves in our unique sizing by creating a wider version of the regular size. There are two sizes of replicas in the market, from Wayfair, Houzz, Overstock, and all of the other major E-commerce platforms. Regular lounge chairs have a width of 32.7 but our lounge chair is 34.6 inches wide to bring you extra comfort and peak relaxation. The height of the classic version is 31.5in, the height of the taller version is 33.25in.

Package A

The upholstery chair cushions, backrest, and headrest part.
Outer  package size: 27.16(L) × 27.16(w) × 20.47(H) inch,


Package B

The Aluminum base of the chair and the assembly tools.

Outer package size:25.6(L) ×25.6(W)× 7.87(H) inch




Every Imus lounge chair replica is made from:

Molded Wood Veneers

Full-grain Aniline Leather

Aluminum Base

Package Content

  1. Lounge Armchair
  2. Ottoman
  3. Manual
  4. Assembling tools

Care Instructions
Leather cracks when it is exposed to heat for a long time, so keep your Lounge chair and Ottoman away from heat sources to preserve the leather. Exposure to the sun for extended periods can also lead to fading. Make sure to protect your lounge chair from harsh UV rays when not in use. The lounge chair can be cleaned with soft cleaning towels to prevent dust from latching onto the leather.

  1. You cannot adjust the lounge chair and Ottoman for height or recline.
  2. You can enjoy maximum relaxation with the chairs 360-degree swivel. The Ottoman is perfect for resting your feet but it cannot swivel.

Additional information

121 reviews for Taller Ultra Premium Version Imus lounge chair PCOG12

  1. Taller Ultra Premium Version  Imus lounge chair PCOG12 photo review
    Andrew Garcia
    July 29, 2021
    great quality for a replica!
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