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Eames chair assembly FAQ collection

1, Did I receive the regular version or the Taller version?

You can distinguish between them based on the following two points:

  1. If the height of both compressed plywood panels is 32.5cm (12.8 inches), it is the taller version. If the height is 30cm (11.8 inches), it is the regular version.
  2. The width of the headrest for the taller version is 25.59 inches, while the width for the regular version is 23.62 inches.

After using the chair for some time, it is normal for the overall height to decrease due to the prolonged downward pressure from body weight. This may result in a sinking of 1-2 inches.

Please note that even in TALLER version, the back of the chair cannot provide complete support for the head. The top of this chair is designed to support the neck and below, as specified by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956. We cannot change this design. If you like this chair, you must accept this design. If the chair is tilted at an angle of 15 degrees and the back length is too long, the center of gravity of the entire chair will exceed the support range of the metal legs, causing the chair to flip back and potentially result in a dangerous fall.

The height of the chair can be adjusted. Please follow the instructions in the video below to make the adjustment. Start by removing the armrests on both sides. Then, loosen the 8 screws. Afterward, raise the backrest to the highest position and tighten the screws again.


Our products are all mass-produced, and there will be no dimensional errors and hole misalignment of individual products. If it is wrong, then a batch of hundreds of them are all wrong, and there will be no one or two product size errors. In 99% of cases, it is an assembly error, so please check the direction carefully, especially the order before and after cannot be reversed

2, If The ottoman is wobbly and produces a thumping sound after installation, how can it be repaired??

Do not worry. This is because the footstool is not installed completely, only 80% complete. To fix this, please follow the instructions in the video and press down hard to ensure that the aluminum column is inserted tightly into the middle circle of the chair’s legs. —–> Assembly Video

Alternatively, you can forcefully sit on the footstool and use the inertia to quickly sit down, using the impact force to force the aluminum cylinder into the circle.


How to install circular ring part I using needle-nose pliers in the CKTY system products?

3, The backrest and base of the chair can not be connected together?

When installing the chair backrest must be completed by two people working together, a person is difficult to complete unless you are a professional furniture assembler, the two sides of the 8 screws all loose, do not tighten the screws to the maximum, screw to half of the position, as long as the screws do not fall off, and so on both sides of the 8 screws are all screwed into the corresponding holes, and then tighten the 8 screws to the maximum. Tighten to the end.

4, How does the base of the chair differentiate between the front and back?

Video demonstration of the correct chair base.———> Video

5,How do the armrests of the chair distinguish between left and right?

The stitching should be hidden in the back and down, not the front and side.


The arm piece needs to be strongly pushed against the chair’s back to align the holes.

If you find that the hole on the armrest of the chair you received is slightly forward of the hole on the metal plate by about 1 inch, don’t worry, it can still be assembled. You need to forcefully press the armrest towards the back of the chair to align them. First install the screws closest to the backrest, making sure to only install them halfway. Then install the front screws. Once both screws are installed, tighten them all the way. Don’t worry about the armrest being squished or deformed. The picture below shows the final result after installation.

The Ultra Premium Version of the chair has a thicker backrest sponge because it has a clamping system inside, so the backrest of the chair will be slightly thicker than the low-end version. The sponge itself is also slightly thicker in the Ultra Premium Version, which causes the hole on the armrest to be 1 inch forward of the hole on the black metal plate. This is not a quality issue.

Proper chair armrest assembly video demonstration.——–>   Video 1 Video 2   

6, Where is the assembly video?

7, Can you help me contact the chair assembly service?


You can hire a handyman on this site (www.taskrabbit.com)and they will automatically find an installer near you within 10 miles of your home. Here are experienced installers who can take care of your assembly challenges.


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