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TOGU Sofa Replica

In the year 1973, Micheal Ducaroy created an iconic chair design unlike any other. Thinking outside the box and breaking the bounds of regular furniture designs the TOGU SOFA was created. This unique design consists of an all-foam body and base without the regular chair structure. The design aged well and has since taken its place at the top of the list of iconic furniture. The chair has been the ultimate in comfort, style, and design for over 4 decades. Enhancing the beauty of its surroundings and bringing an additional minimalist vibe to your space. Ligne roset Togu sofa.

The chair has constantly been a classic in the world of furniture, never going out of style. It combines ergonomics, style, and comfort to bring a chair that’s classic in every way. The chair was designed using a very innovative seating structure which still blows minds to this day. It continues to remain a strong statement of class and luxury a true bestseller. Caterpillar Sofa.

Our Togu Sofa replica is the perfect imitation of the original from start to finish, maintaining measurements, quality, and style.

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